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Posted on: April 28, 2009 4:35 pm
Edited on: May 1, 2009 1:26 pm

Baseball, America's pastime?

   I was sitting watching the Mets game and thought I would give the CBS Glog thing a try. As I read the post of the other gloggers I could not help but notice that over half the conversation taking place in the Glog-verse were not baseball related. 
   This made me think a lot about what has always been America's Pastime. As a child baseball in New York was the the beginning of summer. It signaled the winter was ending and brought together friends who may have different favorite teams but always had one thing in common, BASEBALL. We never got together to watch the game on the TV or listen to the game on the radio and then talked about football, local news, world events, we talked baseball. It was the escape many of us needed and it kept being that for me to this day. No matter how bad the world seemed or seems now I always knew that come April I could just catch the 7 train to Shea (now Citi)  or sit on the roof and listen to the game. The world would just dissolve around me and I could for a few hours just love my Mets and baseball. Win or lose it was and is such a joy to the sport.         
    I know I have been rambling on but there is a point to this. I miss the days when both baseball fans and Mets fans just loved the game, not the business, not the media hype, just loved their team and ALL the joy that went with it as well as the pain we feel when they lose. Not the off the filed fiascos nor the player agents and the point of business they thrive on. Just being in love with your team and the game.   
    So this is what I am looking for. Why do you love the game? Why do you love the Mets. Is it the hit and run, the infield shift, the squeeze play of the good old fashion home run. As Mets fans the only one we can not use is the no hitter but I do believe this will change this year. As always and forever in my heart, Lets Go Mets.
      To get a better picture of the  we should embrace follow this link provided by collegeball.

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