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Posted on: July 1, 2009 7:07 am
Edited on: July 1, 2009 11:32 am

Greatest Sports moments in history.Round 1.......

The times has arrived.....the list has been made........the votes shall be cast.

After two weeks of fielding all matter of great sports moments, the list is complete and now it is time for you to stand up for your moment. Vote early, vote often and just remember if you don't vote, you can not complain.

1) The Miracle on Ice                                        VS                                  
64) Joey Chestnut and his 66 "dogs"

2) Ali/Frazier title fight                                       VS                        
63) Ricky Henderson stealing the record breaking base

3) Lou Gehrig's farewll speech                       VS                        
62) Mark McGuire hits 62

4) Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain scoring 100  VS                        
61) "Wide Right" Scott Norwood

5) The Play Cal/Stanford and the LATERALS  VS                    
60) "TIMEOUT OOPS" Chris Webber

6) The Hailmary Doug Flutie                           VS                          
59) Staubach to Pearson Cowboys/Vikings hailmary

7) Henry Aaron hits 715                                   VS                         
58) Barry Bonds hits 756 (come on had to do it)

8) Curt Shilling and the SOCK                        VS                         
57) NC State and Jimmy "V" Valvano (What a moment)

9) O.J Simpson breaking the 2,000 yard mark  VS                   
56) O.J. Acquittal

10) Kirk Gibson pinch hit HR                          VS                          
55) Willie Mosconi and 526 straight

11) Messier and '94 Rangers                         VS                          
54) Patrick Roy goalie record

12) Jack Nicklaus winning number 18 at 46  VS                       
53) Avalanche bringing the Cup to Denver

13)  Don Larson is Perfect in World Series  VS                         
52) Bobby Thompson and THE SHOT

14) SOX break the curse                                 VS                          
51) Cubs Curse continues (Fan interference)

15) Cal Ripkens Jr THE STREAK                 VS                          
50) Phil Jackson wins #10

16) The Catch (Montana to Clark)                VS                          
49) Roger Federer Streak at Wimbledon

17) Andrea Agassi U.S. Open                        VS                         
48) Kerri Strugg and the one legged landing

18) Ali/Foremen                                                VS                         
47) Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas

19) Music City Miracle (Titans/Bills)              VS                          
46) Kobe Bryant scores 81

20) Four minute mile (Roger Bannister)       VS                         
45) Bob Beamon long jump

21) Dale Earnhard's crash                             VS                           
44) Richard Petty's wins record

22) Michael Jordan SHOT for 6th title           VS                          
43) Michael Phelps 8 GOLD

23) Babe Ruth calls his shot                          VS                           
42) Joe Carter wins off WIld Thing

24) Munich Olympic Crisis                              VS                          
41) Ali lighting torch 96' Olympics

25) Buckner BALL Mets WIN                          VS                          
40) Reggie Jackson 77' Series 3rd HR game six

26) Thurman Munson Plane Crash              VS                           
39) Roberto Clemente plane crash (Sorry but both tragic and powerful)

27) 89' World Series earthquakes                 VS                          
38) Atlanta Olympic bombing

28) Tiger Woods wins all four                          VS                         
37) Phil Mickelson winning first MASTERS

29) USA women's soccer team World Cup win  VS                    
36) Women's Soccer Olympic Gold

30) Bill Mazeroski's homerun in game 7 of the 1960's World Series  VS
35) Jeter's cut off play

31) Franz Klammer/Bernhard Russi Downhill race for the GOLD  VS 
34) "Tuck" rule game Pats win on Vinitari's kick

32) Mike Tyosn KO's Sphinx in 91 seconds  VS                           
33) Tyson conviction

Wild CARD for tie breaker is.......Giants over Patriots in Super Bowl   VERSUS the Dolphins victory int eh Super Bowl to cap perfect season

So there we have them, the top 64 moments as brought on by you the fans. The voting has started and in case of a tie breaker the winner will be chosen by a vote cast by the Madness Board of Directors (ME). I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have and we shall see it to the end, ONE WINNER. Thank you and good luck to your picks.

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