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Posted on: July 20, 2009 9:55 pm
Edited on: July 20, 2009 10:16 pm

A good girl done wrong by a pervert.

The news on my homepage has shed some light on just how far society has fallen. A talented and hard working women in the sports world was violated, in a most grotesque way, and most of the comments I have read about the subject are truly showing the sad state of our itimes.

Erin Andrews is a hard working side line reporter. She is out there for what ever sport she is sent to in what ever weather they throw at her and does a great job of getting up close with the players. She is witty, fun and yes attractive. The fact that she is a women in a mostly male occupation I am sure has not been easy for her or most of the women who try to break into the sports world. I would like to think it has become easier and that the male dominated society of old is weakening. My hope is seems have been dashed today. I mean this is a women who took a baseball tot he jaw and fought to stay ont he sidelines, but was forced to go to the ER. She was right back on the sideline the very next day. Not many male athletes would have shown up for work the next day but this women did.

All of that being said, back to the point. The headline on my homepage has a story about how some pervert, yes any one one who would do this is just that, found out what hotel she was staying at, found out what room she was in and it does not stop there. This person, used lightly, then stalked Erin to find out when she would be in her room. Once she was and the door was locked , the criminal took a video camera and placed the lense against the PEEPHOLE of her hotel room. Then video taped through the hole. This disgusts me to the highest level.

I would have hoped that the story would end there with the perp being caught and going to jail, my hopes again dashed though. The perp then took the video and posted it to the internet for all the world to see. This is not a women who takes her clothes off for a living, IE Pam Anderson or any other celeb who has LEAKED video for profit, this is a hard working women who has been VIOLATED . Shame, shame.

I think, and yes I am a man, that this invasion of Erin's privacy is abhorrent. The fact that someone had to first find out what room she was in, second take the time to stalk her and see when she would be in the room and third and worst of all in my opinion, take the video while standing in a hallway, for what ever amount of time it took. How someone did not see what was happening or even better yet, when someone did why they did not say anything is beyond me. I travel a lot and I know there is always someone in the hallways and in today's society no one would say a word, shameful. I believe that a women, any women, should be entitled to a certain rights, privacy is a big one. Shame on the one that took the video and shame on any of those who view it. If Erin wanted her body to be seen, and yes I know she dresses very sexy, she is a great looking women but this does not give anyone the right to show her off, if she wanted to be seen that way she would find a venue to pose for it.

I hope that they find the perp and prosecute as well as anyone who views the video with out Erin's consent.

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